Graeme Park @ Pure Sex, Albert Tavern, Portsmouth 4-2-94
1. Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby (Round The World Mix)
Graeme Park
2. Micheal Watford - So In You (Tribal Vox Dub)
3. Lisa Lisa - Skip To My Lu (Skip To My House Mix) "im gonna make it, today and tomorrow" female/piano
4. Interceptor - Together (Roger S Hard Dub) [Tribal] "together together, come together"
5. Cappella - Move On Baby (Xclub Mix)
6. Level 42 - All Over You (Pharmacy Dub)
7. Joe Roberts - Lover (K-Klass Klub Mix)
8. Inner City - Do Ya (Graeme Park Hacienda Club Mix)
9. Juliet Roberts - I Want You (Monster Club Mix)

10. Melaine Willams - All Cried Out (Love To Infinity's Classic Paradise Mix)
11. Sound Factory - Good Time (Pure Club Mix)
12. Arizona Feat Zeitia - I Specialize In Love (Greed House Mix)
13. Lex Loofah - Freaky Deaky [Warp] "cope cos ive learnt to cope"
14. Coupe D'etat - How Come Ya Gone
15. Sting - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (Miracle Of Science Mix)
16. Janet Jackson - Because of Love (Frankie & David Treat Mix)
17. Degrees In Motion Feat Biti - Shine On (Radiant Remix)


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