Graeme Park @ Hacienda, Manchester, early 95
e-mail me if you can identify any of the tracks
1. Romanthony - Ministry Of Love (UK Progressive Mix) [Azuli]
2. Aswad - Shine (Todd Terry Remix Dub) "into the future"
3. On Top - Up To You (Victor Simonelli Remix) 2 copies
4. Urban Discharge feat She - Drop A House (On That Bitch) (mix?) 2 copies
5. Mr Monday - Future (Carl Craig's Break Mix) [Open]
6. DJ Sneak - Show Me The Way (The Polyester ep)
7. [28:30] ??? "youve got me feeling" male/organ
8. [31:30] ??? "feeling real good yeah, house music is where i want to be" male/organ
9. Citric - Every-1 [Strictly Rhythm] "everybody go down" acidy

10. Divine Circle feat Annette Taylor - Show Me (Sensible House Mix)
11. Dionne - Feel Da Rain (D'Pac Dub) [KMS] "you break your ass" female
12. Karen Pollard - Reach Out To Me (Smack Vox Mix)
13. Karen Pollock - Reach Out To Me (Mix 2)
14. Maydie Myles - Keep On Luvin "i keep on loving loving you" male
15. [60:50] ??? "please please tell me so, i got what you want/need" female
16. Sabrynaah Pope - Not Gonna Let U
17. Elements Of Life - Innocence + Inspiration [OMW] inst with piano
18. Marshall's Party feat Killer T - Catch A Groove
19. Jahkey B & DJ Jaymz - Realm 1 (Gods Of The Underworld)

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