Pete Tong - Essential Selection (Radio 1) 8th April 94 (74min)
1. Johnny Vicious Vs Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Dont Leave Me This Way (Johnny Vicious Remix) [DMC]
2. Livin Joy - Dreamer [MCA]
3. Jam & Spoon feat Plavka - Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) (Flamenc-o-matic Fairytale) [Epic]
4. Joe - The One For Me [Mercury] "baby your the one for me" male
5. Melanie Williams - Everyday Thang [Columbia] "love is a wonderful feeling" female/piano
6. Kitsch In Sync - Jazz Ma Ass [Global Grooves]
7. Gypsy - Funk De Fino [Limbo]
8. Saint Etienne - Like A Motorway (Dust Brothers Mix) [Heavenly]
9. David Morales & The Bad Yard Club - In Da Ghetto (Bad Yard Club Mix) [Mercury]
10. D'Enrico - It Was Meant To Be [Ouch!] "get busy, cant you see, it was meant to be" male
11. Shyene - On And On (Hip Hop)
12. AMG - Butt Booty Naked [Select] (Hip Hop)
13. Moby - Hymn (I Believe) [Mute] "cos i believe in what"
14. Ooze - Slipstream [Work]
15. Jark Prongo - Shake It Baby [JP Records]
16. Salt Tank - Pacific Diva [FFRR] familiar
17. Innersphere - If You Dare [Sabrettes]

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