Pete Tong - Essential Selection (Radio 1) 17th Feb 95 (75min)
1. The Outhere Brothers - Dont Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) [Stealth]
2. Cocktail Twins - Remember, Remember, Remember [Tripoli Trax]
3. Grace - Not Over Yet (BTs Spirit Of Grace) [Perfecto]
4. Wildchild - Renegade Master [Loaded]
5. Grant Nelson - Dance MF [Nice 'N' Ripe] "i like a bass that goes boom"
6. Geoffrey Williams - Sex Life (Armands Abstract Da Funk Mix) [Hands On]
7. Reel 2 Real - Conway (Cleveland City Mix) [Positiva]
8. Grace Under Pressure - Make My Day [ARS Productions]
9. One Tribe feat Roger - High As A Kite (Sister Bliss Tuff Mix) [FFRR]
10. Lisa Marie Experience - Do That To Me [White Label] "give a little more" with michael jackson sample
11. The Whooliganz - Whooliganz (Tim Simenon Soundclash) [Positiva]
Hot Mix
12. Misjahroon - Braineczeem (The Essence Of Life ep) [Jinx Records] acid
13. Digital Express - The Club [X-Trax] "welcome to the club" acid
14. The Pump Panel - Re-Mover [FFRR]
15. New Order - Confusion (Pump Panel Remix) [FFRR]
16. Tokyo Ghetto Pussy - Everybody On The Floor (Pump It) [Epic] "pump it pump it"

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