Pete Tong - Essential Selection (Radio 1) 17th Dec 93 (82min)
1. Fire Island - There But For The Grace Of God [JBO]
2. Joe - Im In Luv [Mercury] hip hop
3. One Dove - Why Dont You Take Me [Boys Own Productions]
4. Pauline Henry - Cant Take Your Love (West End Mix) [Sony Soho Square]
5. Aretha Franklin - A Deeper Love (Clivilles & Cole Mix) [Columbia]
6. Urban Cookie Collective - Sail Away (Judge Jules Mix) [Pulse-8]
7. Coldcut - Feeling Strong [Ahead Of Our Time]
8. Disco Anthem - Scream [MCA]
9. Sasha feat Sam Mollison - Higher Ground [Deconstruction]
10. Funky Disco And The Nu Groove - Gonna Make You Move [Wizz Records] samples SIL windows
11. Havanna - Discorder [Limbo] loud hihats
12. Roz feat D-Nice - A-Yo Ah´Ite (Hey Yo Alright) [XL] hip hop
13. Domino - Ghetto Jam [Outburst Records] hip hop
14. De La Soul - I Am I Be [Tommy Boy] hip hop
15. Therapy? - Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Mix) [A&M] guitar
16. The Believers - Who Dares To Believe In Me [Strictly Rhythm] sax
16. DJ EFX - Groove To Me [Pound America Records] "come on" sax
17. Hyper Go Go - Raise (Jonny L Mix) [Positiva]
18. DJ Pierre - Were Gonna Funk [P+Cs 9am Ultimate Mix) [Solid Pleasure]

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