Pete Tong - Essential Selection (Radio 1) 14th Feb 97 (131min)
DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My Throat [American Recordings]
JX - Close To Your Heart [Hooj Choons]
Grace - Hand In Hand [Perfecto]
Steven Dante & Juliet Roberts - Never Had A Love Like This Before [Delirious]
Yvette Michelle - Im Not Feeling You [Loud]

Chemical Brothers - Block Rockin Beats [Virgin]
Fonda Rae - Living In Ecstacy (Remix) [Wave]
Jamiroquai - Alright (Tee's In The House Mix) [S2]
Rosie Gaines - Closer Than Close [Bigbang]
The Wiseguys - Casino Sans Pareil [Wall Of Sound] downtempo
Freddy Fresh - Chupacabbra [Harthouse]
ETA - Casual Sub (Burning Spear) (Distant Drum Remix) [EastWest] This Weeks Essential New Tune
The Swimmer - Let It Come [Spirit]
Cherry Bomb - Eclipse [Music Man]
Life's Addiction - Jesus Coming For The Kill [FFRR] jungle
Pete Wardman - Overdose (My Heart Is Pumping) [Shift] 
Club Crew - Kindred Spirit [Uphoria]
Hondy - Hondy (No Access) [Manifesto]
Blue Amazon - And Then The Rain Falls [S3]
Dylan Rhymes - Naked & Ashamed [Junior Boys Own]
Salif Keita - Takere (Matthew Roberts Remix) [Mango]
Genaside II - Narra Mine (Armand Van Helden Mix) [FFRR]
Funky Green Dogs - Fired Up [MCA]
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Armand Van Helden Mix) [London] The Trainspotter Track
Arkarna - The Futures Overrated [Fume]
4 Mat 4 - Cult View [Precious Materials] jungle
Sycamore - Traditional Heights [Junior Boys Own] downtempo
Sadoman - Trip [Aspro]
NUKE - You [Liquid]
Hot Mix
ZUM - Funk [Pharm]
The Aquanauts - Karma [Guidance Recordings]
Daft Punk - Fresh (Homework LP) [Virgin]
Electric Soul - Wateva [People]
The Knowledge - Until The Day [Suntune] stevie wonder
Future Funk - Switch Lock [Plastic City]

comment: tracklisting for essential selection printed in Mixmag (Issue 71) 

my recording is edited and has tracks missing that were originaly broadcast on the show
tracks in yellow are missing from my recording

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