Pete Tong - Essential Selection (Radio 1) 12th Nov 93 (78min)
1. Vivienne Mckone - Heading Right Back To You [FFRR] downtempo
2. K-Klass - Let Me Show You (Trance Mix) [Deconstruction] white label only
3. Rozalla - I Love Music [Epic]
4. Ground Level - Journey Through The Night (Mount Rushmore Mix) [Faze 2]
5. Jeanie Tracy - Its My Time [3 Beat] "its my time to live again"
6. Alison Limerick - Time Of Our Lives [Arista]
7. Evolution - Escape To Alcatraz (Tijuana House Mix) [Deconstruction] "say what, get on it"
8. Men With Sticks - 3rd Eye [Jus Trax] tribal/male chanting
9. Solution feat Tafuri - Was That All It Was [Fruittree]
10. Adeva - Respect (Remix) [Network]
11. INXS feat Ray Charles - Please (You Got That...) (Club Need Mix) [Mercury]
12. Titiyo - Back & Forth [Arista] hip hop
13. MC Lyte - Ruffneck [First Priority] hip hop
14. Me'Shell NdegéOcello - Dred Loc [Maverick] hip hop
15. The Daou - Give Myself To You [Tribal]
16. Alex Party - Alex Party (Saturday Night Party) [Cleveland City] "read my lips"
17. Echo - Avalanche (Original Mix) [Peace Of The Action] "take me with the funk" male
18. B Tribe - You Wont See Me Cry (DJ Pippi Remix) [EastWest] panflute
19. Atlantic Ocean - Mimosa (Original Mix)
20. Levy And Friends - Its Alright [London]

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