Terry Farley & Pete Heller (Junior Boys Own) - Essential Mix, 27th Nov 93
The Playground - Desire (accapella) "so deep, so liquid" deep male spoken vocal / mellow
1. Tension - A Place Called Heaven (Fire Island Mix) [Azuli]
2. Mae-I - Sweet Feelin (Tribal) [Mo` Hop] "keep it up baby" female
3. South Street Player - Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (Fresh Fruit Deep Mix) [Strictly Rhythm]
4. Smooth Touch - House of Love (More Phearce Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] "in my house"
5. Best Friends !?! Trax - Rhythms [Underground] "come on lets work"
6. Red Red Groovy - Another Kind Of Find (Tasty White Label Dub Mix) "i cant control myself" female
7. Bottom $ - Rock Your Body (Save The Robots Dub) [Olympic] hammond

8. Georgie Porgie - All Because Of Me [Vibe Music]
9. Colourblind - Nothing Better [Ore] "theres nothing better baby"
10. Hardrive - Deep Inside [Strictly Rhythm] "deep down inside, all we need is love" female
11. Hardrive - Deep Inside (Heavy Weather Mix) [UMM]
12. The Luna Project - I Wanna Be Free (The Higher Mix) [Black Label] "take me higher, take me higher" male
13. Men With Sticks - 3rd Eye [Jus' Trax] african male chanting
14. Doubleplusgood - Conga Te (Mood II Swing) [Sire] "they make you feel good, bad like a butter" male
15. [55:20] ??? "come on drummer" male/whailing female
16. [57:50] ??? ??? "here comes that sound, bills gotta be paid" female
17. Funky Green Dogs - Reach For Me [Murk]
18. Uncanny Alliance - Im Beautiful [A&M]
19. Joint Venture - Come On (The Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] "come on"
Degrees Of Motion - Shine On (accapella)
20. Katana - Bad Girl [Downtown] "oh yeah, bad girl, you got it" female
21. Basic Channel - Q 1.1. [Basic Channel]
22. The Daou - Give Myself To You [Tribal]
23. Caucasian Boy - Northern Lights [Strictly Rhythm]

The Playground - Desire (accapella) "so deep, so liquid" deep male spoken vocal / mellow
24. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams [R&S]
25. Johnny Vicious Frozen Bass - The Swing [Vicious Muzik]
26. Bohannon - Lets Start The Dance [Phase 11] "do it to the music, wind to the music, you got to get down" female / disco
DSK - What Would We Do (accapella)
27. T-Connection - At Midnight [1978] "at midnight i come alive" male / disco track
28. Outrage - Theme From Outrage [Junior Boys Own]
29. Fire Island - There But For The Grace Of God [Junior Boys Own]

comment: tracklisting for this essential mix printed in Mixmag Update (Issue 312)

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