Judge Jules - Radio 1 Essential Mix, 25th Sept 1994
celebrating '94 Summer season on Ibiza
Sister Bliss - Cant Get A Man, Cant Get A Job (Accapella)
Apollo 440 - Liquid Cool [Stealth Sonic]
Danny Red - Riddimwize [Colombia]
Indian Vibes - Mathar [Virgin] sitar
Sister Bliss - Cant Get A Man, Cant Get A Job (Accapella)
Ashbrooke Allstars - Dubbin Up The Pieces [EastWest]
Chicago Symphony - Ma Foom Bey Remix (Ram Raid ep) [Not On Label] streetsounds
Cubace - CU Bass [white label] "pow, got to have it" male chanting
LWS - Gosp (Bottom Dollar Stomp Mix) [Transworld]
Roc & Kato - Cherry Lips [Blade To The Rhythm Recordings] sax
Todd Terry Project - Put Your Hands Together [Champion]
System VIII - Underground (Accapella)
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Expansions [1975] "expand your mind"
Escandalo - Mas Buena [Strictly Rhythm] hispanic

Rare Arts - Boriqua Posse (Yo Fellapella) [Strictly Rhythm] "yo fellas"
Dimitri & Jaimy - Brazil 2000 (Outland) samba
The Original - I Luv U Baby (No Swing Mix) [Ore]
Tapp - Shake That Ass [Work]
Transglobal Underground - Lookee Here [Nation] "good things come to those who wait"
B.O.D. - No More Mind Games (Its A Dream Mix) [UMM] sounds like westbam
2 In A Room - El Trago (The Drink)
Erik Van Den Broek - D Fever [Eastern Bloc]
Sub Bug - Jam The Nightclub (Get To Dub ep) "rock the disco" male/electric guitar
52:00 JT Company - You Got [Muzik Without Control]
Vudu - The Callin [Grass Green]
54:50 Hashim - Al Naafiysh (Boot That Remix) (NWKT.DJ 84) "feel the funk"
Dred Stock - Pump (Dress It) [Freeze]
DJ Disciple - On The Dancefloor [Mother] "the music takes you higher"
Jeanie Tracy - Do You Believe In The Wonder (Stone's Vocal Diner) [Pulse-8]
Ronnie Canada - Tell The World [Tomohawk] "theres a message in the music"
Gold Coast - Better Vibes (Ghana Dub) [Robs] "on one can do it better"
Joe T Vannelli - Voice In Harmony (Acapella Vox)
Black Shells - The Anthem [Azuli]
Salvia - Fiesta Conga [Movin Melodies]
Movin Melodies Production - La Luna (The Ethics ep) [Effective]
Frankie Hollywood and Ricky D - Feel The Fire (Acappella) [DJ Internaional]

Gill Scott Heron - Interview With Gary Byrd [Mother]
Art Of Noise - Moments In Love [ZTT]
Cry Sisco - Afro Dizzi Act [Escape]
Voice Of Africa - Hoomba Hoomba [Discomagic]
Izit - Stories [New Music International]
YBU feat Jonell - Soul Magic [Splish]
Fidelfatti with Ronnette - Just Wanna Touch Me [Urban]
L.T.Y. feat UF Force - Funk Express [Metropolitan Police] "pump me up"
Trilogy - Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not (Civilles & Cole Club Mix)
Ghouls - Ghost [Pin Up]

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