Danny Rampling - Essential Mix, 20th Nov 93
1. K-Klass - Underground Express [Deconstruction] "break it down get you into the groove" male
2. K-Klass - Let Me Show You [Deconstruction]
3. Bottom $ - Rock Your Body (Club Mix) [Olympic]
4. DJ Duke - Blow Your Whistle [Black Rhythms] [Power Trax]
5. Bottom $ - Rock Your Body (Club Mix) [Olympic] again
6. Terrence Parker - I Wanna Get 'Cha [Trancefusion]
7. George Morel - Talk To Me (Morels Grooves Pt 4)
8. The Playground - Desire (accapella) "so deep, so liquid" deep male spoken vocal / mellow
9. Reel 2 Real feat The Mad Stuntman - Move It
10. Groove Legion - The Way U Groove Me "gotta keep on makin it hot, the way you groove me, the way i feel about you" female / piano / sax
11. Joint Venture - Come On (The Mix) [Strictly Rhythm] "come on" repetative string stabs (sounds a bit like electribe 101)

12. Teena Marie - I Need Your Lovin' (intro)
13. Dina Carroll - Here [A&M]
14. Kitchen People - Ba Ba Lou [New Breed] percussive / sax
15. Ultra Nate - Show Me (Rock 2 House Vocal) [Warner Bros] "trust me baby my love is real" female / piano
16. Alison Limerick - Time Of Our Lives
17. Simply Soul & Donnie Mark - Stand Up For The Soul [Simply Soul] "happiness cant you feel it, come on"
18. Colourblind - Nothing Better "theres nothing better baby"
19. Caucasian Boy - Northern Lights (The Prime Time Cutz) [Strictly Rhythm] acidy inst
20. Luna Project - I Wanna Be Free (The Higher Mix) [Black Label]  foreign female vocals "move, get higher, move to the music, i want to be free" female scat
21. Rhythm Masters - Spanish Ritual [Strictly Rhythm] percussive / female moaning / bird noises
22. Millionaire Hippies - I Am The Music [Deconstruction]
23. Victor Simonelli - Do You Feel Me [Fruit Tree] "I want your love"
24. The Playground - Desire (accapella) "so deep, so liquid" deep male spoken vocal / mellow
25. Loni Clark - U [A&M]
26. Incognito - Givin It Up [Talking Loud]
27. Ce Ce Peniston - Im In The Mood [A&M]

28. B-Tribe - You Wont See Me Cry (DJ Pippi Remix)
29. Basscult - Un Altro Mondo (Mondo Bassmix)
30. Solar Myth - Americana (Steel Mix) [Absolut Joy] "yo soni espanio" foreign female vocals
31. Quartermain - Untouchable [No Respect]
32. The Time Frequency - Real Love 93 (Dream Frequencys Utopia Remix) [Internal Affairs]
33. Hyper Go Go - Raise
34. Coldcut - Feeling Strong (The Well Hung Parliament Adventure) "take me baby" female
35. Johnny Vicious - I Luv Musik (Vicious Disco-Mix) remix of The O'Jays - I Love Music "i love music, sweet sweet music" male

comment: the tracklisting above is the correct list for this EM, there is a tracklisting thats been going around for years but that's full of mistakes.

tracklisting for this essential mix printed in Mixmag Update (Issue 311)

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