Pete Tong - Radio 1 Essential Mix, 2nd April 1994
1. Speedy J - Beam Me Up (The Pegasus Mix) [Warp]
2. Blast feat V.D.C. - Crazy Man (FOS In Progress) [MCA]
3. Real Calm - I Feel Free (Full Cream Mix) [London] "walk down the street"
4. Rebound - Love Is (Rebound ep) "im going deeper"
5. Cappella - The Big Beat
6. Livin Joy - Dreamer

7. Progression - Reach Further (Homodustrial Mix) "reach, reach up"
8. Fits of Gloom - Heaven (Dub Mix) [MCA]
9. Underdog vs Sabres - Theme (Underdog Vs. Sabres feat Dominik)
10. The Creeps - Change It (Simonelli's Late Nite Disco Dub) [Clubvision]
11. Drizabone - Pressure (Roger's Soul Sensation Mix) [4th & Broadway]
12. Wildchild Experience - Meet The Pressure (Wildtrax Vol 4) [Loaded]
13. Mary J Blige - Reminice (Uno Clio Mix) [MCA]
14. T'Empo - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning (Matthew Roberts Mix) [FFRR]
15. Screen II - Let The Record Spin (House Mix) [Cleveland City]
16. The Grid - Swamp Thing (Deep Piece Mix) [Deconstruction]
17. Ralphie Dee & Dino Blade - I Can Feel It (Deranged ep) [UMM] "samples I trance you"
18. Tonja Danzler - In And Out Of My Life (Kumulus Original New House Mix) [FFRR]
19. Let Loose - Seventeen (Wild Fruit Mix) [Mercury]
20. Floorjam - Stoneage [Deep Distraxion]

21. Bump - House Stompin (Ramp Housin' Mix) [Good Boy]
22. Mash - U Dont Have To Say You Love Me (Red Jerry Mix) [React]
23. Acorn Arts - Candyman [Hard Hands]
24. Deep Creed - Can U Feel It (Circle City Remix) [Eastern Bloc] "can you feel it" acidy
25. Elevator - Shinny (Harmony Mix) [React] hole in one style riff
26. Atlantic Ocean - Mimosa's Groove "give a little more"
27. Lionrock - Tripwire (Prankster's Piha Stomp) [Deconstruction]

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