David Holmes - Essential Mix, 18th Dec 93
Bandulu - Phaze-In-Version [Infonet]
Plastikman - Krakpot [Plus 8]
Corrugated Silence - Elevate [Holistic Recordings]
Damon Wild presents Nightvision - Nuclear Sun [EXperimental]

Space Frog - The Ritual [Energized Records]
Sunshower - Seven [Guerilla]
Wax - Sun Drums (Nyonga Groove) [ESP]
Soundscape - Junction 14 [Slip N Slide]
Exit 100 - Circuits [Dragnet]
Age - Doomsday [Force Inc]
Pergon #1 - The Deliverer [Important]
Basic Channel - Phylyps Base [Basic Channel]
Us Above The World - Trying To Reach You [Exist Dance]
X-313 - Zyklon-B (World Sonik Domination ep) [Generator]
Artichoke - T-4 [81:10]
Acid Jesus - Jesus [Klang Elektronik]

LSG - Fragile [Superstition]
The Source Experience - Elektra [R&S]
E-Rection - Suck My Dang-A-Long [Trigger]
Mazdaratti - Fox Hunt [Telepathic Recordings]
Inocybe - Inocybe Fastigiata [Music Man]

tracklisting for this essential mix printed in Mixmag Update (Issue 315)

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