John Kelly - Essential Mix, 17th Dec 95
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
Sam Ellis - Club Lonely (Hairy 3 in 1 Mix)
Mr. Jack - Only House Muzik
DJ Flavours - Rhythm Flow "gotta have house music, to the rhythm" piano (samples 45king - 900 number)
Postfix - Rototom
Natural Born Grooves - Forerunner
Devone - Energy (Vission & Lorimer Mix I)
Devone - Energy (Vission & Lorimer Acid Trip)
Future Breeze - Read My Lips [Le Petit Prince]
Chunky Cheese Vol.1 - Fromage [100% Cheese] "can i have the rhythm, cos I can do it right, come with me" someday piano
Alcatraz - Give Me Luv [Yoshitoshi]
Franco Moiraghi - Feel My Body [Multiply]
[55:00] organ (on liquid grooves set) Artist Unknown - "Can You Feel It" (white label) ??? "can you feel it, come again"

Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (Duck Beats)
Grand Master Flash And Melle Mel - White Lines (Don't Do It)
The Shoplifters - Spicy Guacomole "ill never forget" funky guitar
Transformer 2 - Pacific Symphony (with Kathy Brown - "Turn Me Out" accappella)
Sister Bliss - Life's A Bitch (acappella) [Cheeky]
Blister Sisters - Volume 1 [Completely Suitable] samples Bug Khan / Playing With Knives / Art of Stalking
Masters Of Rhythm - La Coca
V Men - Blue Roads (samples The Doors - Roadhouse Blues)
[100:00] ? "get up, when the drum beats go like this"
[104:00] ? broken beats/acidy "rock the discotek" Winx
Underworld - Rez [Junior Boys Own]
Chapter 9 - Youre The One For Me [Ouch!]
Stix N Stoned - Outrageous [Positiva]

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