Jon Pleased Wimmin - Radio 1 Essential Mix, 16th July 1994
1. Full Monty Allstars - Brilliant Feeling (Legs In The Air) [Full Monty]
2. Tony Di Bart - Do It [Cleveland City]
3. Cream - I Need You [Drum Records] (Paul Bleasdale & Matthew Roberts) loleatta holloway vocal sample
4. Ruby Turner - Never Ever Gonna Give You Up (Big Bump Mix) [Wired]
5. The Look feat Franklin Fuentes - March [Sexy] "ill take you there"
6. That Kid Chris - Big Time (Carlitos Dream) [Getting Lifted] "you think your big time, your gonna die big time"

7. Full Monty Allstars - Brilliant Feeling (Pleased To Beat You) [Full Monty]
8. Boomshanka - Take My Love [Mother] "yeah yeah yeah yeah" familiar
9. Zhane - Vibe (mix?) [Motown] "keep this movin, listen to the vibe" female
10. Adele Bertei - Zami Girl (Junior Vasquez Factory Mix) [A Records] "hell raiser, ball breaker" ragga female
11. Junior Vasquez - Get Your Hands Off My Man (Fire Island Dub) [Tribal UK]
12. Olga - Im A Bitch [UMM]
13. Loleatta Holloway - The Queens Anthem (Cummin In My Rollers Mix) [Six6]
14. Soft Cell - Memorabilia [Some Bizarre]
15. Dr Alban - Sing Hallelujah (Red City Vocal Remix) [Logic]
16. Centurions - Burn [Seka] "you got me burning"
17. Sam Paganini presents Romeo Blue - That Music (Hypno Sam Mix) [Union] "slammin, i love that music, makes me feel groovy"
18. S.A.I.N. - Its Alright (The 1045 Club Mix) [Nite Beat] "oh yeah, get up, slammin" familiar
19. Ice MC - Think About The Way (Bom Digi Digi Bom) (Luv Dup Townsend Dub) ragga male / big piano

20. Tinman - 18 Strings (Chris & James Remix) [FFRR] "rock the house live"
21. Itchy + Scratchy - Crowd Jumpin (Itchin + Bitchin ep) [Spot On] "the crowd is jumpin" (vocals from technotronic)
22. JPW - Hammer House Of Handbag [EastWest] "oh my god, what is that" (appregio bassline)
23. Donna Giles - And Im Telling You (Im Not Going) (Pride Mix) [Ore] "your gonna love me" (appregio bassline/piano)
24. Akker Maracker - The Wobble [Effective] funky guitar/appregio bassline/horns/cowbells
25. Seventh Sense - Get The Music (Himalayan Dub) [Rumour]
26. 1001 People - Ao Ao [DFC] "oh oh oh" male acappella
27. Electric Light Orchestra - Dont Bring Me Down [Jet]

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