Pete Tong - Radio 1 Essential Mix, 12th February 1994
1. T-Empo - Saturday Night, Sunday Morning [FFRR]
2. Mary J Blige - Reminisce (D&D Dub) [MCA]
3. Robin S - I Want To Thank You (Bad Yard Dub) [Champion]
4. Sounds Of Blackness - I Believe (Deliverance Dub) [A&M]
5. Michael Watford - Michael's Prayer [EastWest] preacher
6. Degrees Of Motion - Shine On [FFRR]
7. Eternal - Just A Step From Heaven (mix?) [EMI]

8. Sure Is Pure - Psych-Out (Out To Lunch ep) [Vinyl Solution] "let it go" vocoder
9. Roc & Kato - Jungle Kisses (Homodustrial Mix) [Slip N Slide]
10. Bjork - Violently Happy (Fluke Well Tempered) [One Little Indian]
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11. Hedningarna - Kruspolska (Munchkin Mix) [China]
12. La Tour - Blue (Nush Me Club Mix) [Blunted] schooly d beat in the middle
13. Boy George & Jesus Loves You - Generations Of Love (Ramp Club Mix) [Virgin]
14. Sultana - Te Amo (Digweed Dub) [UCR]
15. The O.T. Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down [Cheeky]
16. R.A.F. - Just Take Me Higher (Travel To Andromeda) [Media]
17. Peter Parker - Wow & Flutter (Part 1) [Deaf Dumb Blind]
18. JX - Son Of A Gun [Hooj Choons]
19. The Patrol - Give It Up [Extreme] "give it up" male

20. Eddy - Someday (Diesel And Ether Live And Direct Mix) [Acetate]
21. Loveland feat Rachel McFarlane - Let The Music (Lift You Up) (Bottom Dollar Big Room Dub) [Eastern Bloc]
22. Jark Prongo - Complete Control [Fresh Fruit] "let it take complete control"
23. Sublime - TGV [Limbo]
24. The Aloof - Mind (Vocal Mix) [Flaw Recordings]
25. Renegade Legion - The Weeping Waste [Fnac] acid

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