CJ Mackintosh @ Progress, Derby 29-5-93
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. Reel To Real - Go On Move (D.P. Dub)
2. [05:20] ? "reach reach, i got it" repeated male/sax
3. Luv Factory - Baby I Got It (Miami Club Mix) [Colors] "ooh baby" repeated female/organ
4. X-Press 2 - London X-Press (The Journey Continues)
5. Janet Jackson - Thats The Way Love Goes (CJ's Unreleased Cosmack Piano Dub)
6. Martha Wash - Runaround (Tee's Dub To Dub)
7. The Cover Girls - Wishing On A Star (Magic Sessions Dub)
8. D:Ream - U R The Best Thing (Mo Beats Pt II)
9. Eric Perez Project - Release (Classic Mix)
10. Joint Venture - Come On (The Mix)
11. Seven Grand Housing Authority - The Question
12. Lil' Louis - I Called U (The Conversation) sax inst
13. [66:00] "do you love me" repeated male/organ
14. Loni Clark - Rushing (FXTC Dub Mix)
15. Loni Clark - Rushing (CJ's Club Mix)
16. Masters At Work feat India - I Cant Get No Sleep (Kenlou 12" Mix)
17. Freedome Williams - Voice Of Freedom (House Of Freedom Mix)

comment: similar to - CJ (& Tony Humphries) @ MoS Tour, Bellingham Castle, Ireland, 21st May 93

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