Boy George @ Universe vs Cream, Maestro, Bradford 29-8-94
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1. Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again (The Big Brothers Annual Outing) [DMC April 94]
2. Kylie Minogue - Confide In Me (Big Brothers Mix) [Deconstruction]
3. Direckt - Two Fatt Guitars (Skankin Mix) "gimme another tune & ill rock 2 da beat" samples chic - le freak
4. [05:40] ? "burning up" + DSK vocal sample
5. Shirley Bassey - Im In The Mood For Love
6. Dream Frequency - You Make Me Feel Mighty Real (Dancing Divaz Remix)
7. Loleatta Holloway - The Queens Anthem (Cummin In My Rollers Mix) [Six6]
8. II Real, D Day - Chicken Soup Song "get down, you make me feel feel feel, i need a little" female/backwards funky guitar
9. Forthright - How Sweet The Sound [Cowboy] "the now sound" male
10. Quivver - Twist And Shout
11. Itchy & Scratchy - Crowd Jumpin (Itchin + Bitchin ep) [Spot On] "lookey here the crowd is jumpin, hey" technotronic vocal sample
12. The Purple Kings - Thats The Way You Do It [Positiva] samples dire straits money for nothing

12. The Purple Kings - Thats The Way You Do It (cont)
13. Soundsation - Peace & Joy (samples lenny kravitz)
14. SLP - Supernova (Mombasa Mix) [Skunk] "come on" female
15. Pizzaman - Tripping On Sunshine
16. Deadly Sins - We Are Going On Down (Bottom Dollar Club Mix)
17. The Reese Project - Colour Of Love
18. Boy George - Am I Losing Control (Metal Bird Mix) "ow, eeh yeah" female/piano/samples yo-bots organ
19. Hedningarna - Kruspolska (Munchkin Mix)
20. Big Hard Excellent Fish - Imperfect List

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