Brandon Block @ Bangkok, Coventry 95 (60min)
1. Richie Rich feat Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Salsa
2. Amos - Only Saw Today / Instant Karma (Cleveland City Mix)
3. Heavy D & The Boyz - This Is Your Night (BBG's Big Boss Groove)
4. Pamela Fernandez - Kickin In The Beat
5. Rollin Gear - Ive Got It [UFG]
6. Soundsation - Peace & Joy

7. The Flavour - No Matter What U Do (Development Corporation Mix) [Jive] vocal sample from sugarhill gang
8. The Housebailiffs - Jump And Jam The Party "jumping in the puddles" female/broken beats
9. Red Eye - Kut It [Champion] "all i want to do, when i think of you" DSK vocal sample
10. Deep Creed '94 - Can You Feel It (Shell Toe Mix)
11. Deep Creed - Can U Feel It (Loveland Remix) "come on girl can you move it" male
12. The Brand New Heavies - Back To Love (Graeme Park Remix)

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