Allister Whitehead @ Sweet, Chester, mid 95 (59min)
1. The Undergraduates - Hipswinger (Lenny Fontana New York Remix) "baby" female/funky guitar
2. Soul For Real - Candy Rain (Daves Club Dub) "oh lift me up, lift me up some more" female
3. Happy Clappers - I Believe
4. Brooklyns Poor & Needy - Happiness (Is Just Around The Bend) (Free Cheese Mix)
5. Joy For Life - Warm It Up (Mainstreet Mix) "the whole worlds upside down"
6. Size 9 - Im Ready
7. Disco Citizens - Right Here Right Now (Say It Again)
8. YoJo Working - I Believed In You [Sound Of Ministry] "yes I believed in your love" female/piano
9. Paula Abdul - My Love Is For Real (Strike Straight Up There Mix)
10. Chrissy Ward - Right & Exact
11. Daphne - Change [Stress]

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