Allister Whitehead @ Naughty But Nice, Hereford, 11th Nov 94
1. Roach Motel - Happy Bizzness
2. Marshall Jefferson - I Found You (Club Mix) "once in a lifetime love, your music makes me happy, Im so glad i found you"
3. Stabbs - Joy & Happiness (JJ's Miss Universe Mix)
4. Hustlers Convention - Just Cant Give It Up (Uptown Mix)
5. The Blackout Allstars - I Like It (D'ambrosio Club Mix)
6. Hustlers Convention - Disco Is Back
7. Ill Disco - Keep The Jam Going (Live At The OPL Mix)
8. Georgie Porgie - All Because Of Me
9. Industry - Release Me (Mark Gamble Mix)
10. Sounds of Blackness - The Harder They Are (E-Smoove Harder Anthem)
11. Mary J Blige - Be Happy (Uno Clio Club Mix)
12. Bucketheads - The Bomb (with Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On MK Dub mixed on top)
13. Black Shells - The Anthem
14. ClubZone - Hands Up (UK Club Mix)
15. Basia - Drunk On Love (Roger Sanchez Hands In The Air Dub)
16. Donna Giles - And I'm Telling You (Golden Dinner Acccadubba)
17. Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms (Junior Vasquez Soundfactory Mix)
18. Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms (Padapella Mix)
19. Donna Summer - Melody Of Love (Morales Classic Club Mix)

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