Allister Whitehead @ Decadence, Bakers, late 94
1. DJ Pierre - Muzik Set You Free (Garage Pitch Dub)
2. Deborah Wilson - Do You Love What You Feel (Die Hard Inst) beat
3. Deborah Wilson - Free [Dance & Waves] "got to be free" funky guitar
4. Michelle Sweeney - This Time (Ramp Club Mix) [Atlantic] "ive got to have a you, this time baby"
5. Li Kwan - I Need A Man "come on, I cant wait no more"
6. Beastie Boys - 33% God (on 45rpm) "its the joint"
7. Deadly Sins - We Are Going On Down (Bottom Dollar Club Mix)
8. Tin Tin Out feat Espiritu - Always Something There To Remind Me
9. Finitribe - Brand New
10. DJ Pierre feat LaVette - Muzik Set You Free (Garage Mix)
11. Maria Rowe - Sexual (12" Parkside Club)
12. Indo - R U Sleeping (Stonebridge Remix)
13. Ellyn Harris - Got A Green Light (Only Mix) [Unity] "its a new day, new way, shine on me" female/piano
14. Hustlers Convention - Just Cant Give It Up
15. Georgie Porgie - All Because Of Me

Tape 2
15. Georgie Porgie - All Because Of Me
16. Heavy D & The Boyz - This Is Your Night (BBG's Big Boss Groove)
17. Ill Disco - Keep The Jam Going "serious music, go dancing thru the night" female / piano
18. Black Shells - The Anthem [Azuli] "ive waited so long"
19. Clubzone - Hands Up "put your hands up in the air" female/piano
20. Coming Out Crew - Free, Gay & Happy (Dave & Huey's Lolly Mix)
21. Colourblind - You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else
22. Industry - Release Me (Mark Gamble Extended 12" Mix)
23. Colourblind - Nothing Better
24. Blondie - Rapture (K-Klassic Mix)
25. Seal - Newborn Friend (Morales Club Mix) "back with my happiness" male/piano
26. Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms (Soundfactory Vocal)

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