Allister Whitehead & Dave Seaman - SEX Mixtape (Cat:1235)
Sept(ish) 95
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
Allister Whitehead (88min)

1. Angelheart - Come Back To Me (Swoon Club Mix) "come back to me"
2. Black Box - Positive Vibration (Miami By Night Parts 1-2)
3. Mariah Carey - Fantasy (Def Club Mix)
4. Liz Torres - Set Urself Free (Mixmaster's Royal Flesh Club Anthem) "i want it, set yourself free" female
5. Club 69 - Diva (The Male Diva Parts I & II) [Tribal] "diva"
6. Wildchild - Renegade Master (Young And Dangerous Mix)
7. C&C Music Factory - Ill Always Be Around (The Ministry Of Sound House Mix) "ill be around yeah, pump it up" female (technotronic vocal sample)
8. DJ Lace - Shake Your Tail Feathers (Illegal Funky ep) [Fantastic] "get on down and party" horns
9. Maria Christensen - My Love Is Alive (Chantz 2 Trance House Mix) "my soul is like a wheel that turns"
10. Shauna Davis - Get Away (Stonebridge + Nick Nice Club Mix) "getaway, i need a holiday" male/piano
11. Gladys Knight - Next Time (Spike Club Mix) "next time, no next time aint the one to wait for" female/organ/piano
12. Pandella - This Time Baby (Mary's Full On Mix)
13. Antonia Lucas - Feel Good (Serious Rope Good Vibe Mix) "feel good, im free, stuck in the middle of where i want to be" female/piano
14. Sweet Mercy & Joe Roberts - Happy Days (Rockstone 12" Mix) "oh lord happy days, i want you" male/piano
15. Lisa Moorish - Beautiful Morning (Loveland Vocal Mix)

Dave Seaman (88min)
1. Mike Oldfield - Let There Be Light (BTs Pure Luminescence Remix)
2. Mothers Pride - Floribunda (Music For Lovers Mix)
3. Evolution - Look Up To The Light (Quivver mix)
4. Spacer IV - Arc2/Arc3 (Pleasure) "house"
5. BT feat Vincent Covello - Loving You More (Garden Of Ima Dub) [Perfecto]
6. Chris & James - Fox Force Five (Big Cs Break Of Dawn mix) [Stress] piano
7. The Grid - Diablo (The Devil Dubs Out Mix)
8. Desert - Moods (Club Mix) [Stress]
9. [17:30] ? inst
10. Texas - I Dont Want A Lover (Jimmy Gomez Mix) [DMC Sept 95]
11. Bump - Im Rushin 95'
12. Bruce Hornsby & The Range - The Way It Is (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)

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