Allister Whitehead & Dave Seaman @ Progress, Derby '95
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Allister Whitehead (aka Juicy Get Ready To Get Wet Pt 2)

1. Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers - Power To Move Ya (Smoove Power) "the vibe is busy, can you feel it" male/hammond
2. Liz Torres - Set Urself Free (Mixmaster's Royal Flesh Club Anthem) "set yourself free, come on and" female/piano
3. Treacle People - Passion (If You Came To Party) [Hot Feet] male/sax
4. K.A.M.A. - No Trouble (mix?) "i dont need no trouble" female
5. Joey Musaphia - The Sound (Musaphia Madness) din daa daa/the circus
6. DJ Lace - Shake Your Tail Feathers (New York Style) (Illegal Funky ep) [Fantastic] "get on down and party"
7. Cutback feat Federal - Rock To The Rhythm (mix?) organ "rock to the rhythm" ragga male
8. Prooot!! - Untitled (A1) "what you sayin out there" male/organ
9. YoJo Working - I Believed In You [Sound Of Ministry] "yes I believed in your love" female/piano
10. Paula Abdul - My Love Is For Real (Strike Straight Up There Mix)
11. J. EX-S - Come On (When You Cry) "im in love with you, want you to love me too" female/piano
12. Shiva - Freedom (K-Klassic Mix)
13. Joy For Life - Warm It Up (Dub Mix) [Stress] "the whole worlds upside down"
14. Size 9 - Im Ready
15. [78:00] ? male
16. Kim English - I Know A Place

Dave Seaman - Mid 95 (58min)
1. Liberty City - Thats What I Got
2. Angel Moraes feat Sally Cortez - Welcome To The Factory (Angels Journey Mix)
3. DJ Sneak - Show Me The Way (The Polyester ep)
4. Jamiroquai - Space Cowboy (Morales Classic Club Mix)
5. Ce Ce Peniston - Hit By Love (Mix?) "ive been hit by a higher love" female

6. Londonbeat - Come Back (Morales Deep Dub) inst with piano
7. Pizzaman - Sex On The Streets (Play Boys Fully Loaded Dub)
8. Moby - Into The Blue (The Buzz Boys Main Room Mayhem Mix) [Mute]
9. Daphne - Change (Fathers Of Sound Sunset Vocal Mix) [Stress]
10. Joe T Vannelli Project - Sweetest Day Of May (Gospel Dub) [Positiva]
11. Shiva - Work It Out (Evolution's DMC Mix) "find a brighter day, work it" female

comment: Allister Whitehead tape is also released as - Juicy! Get Ready To Get Wet Pt.2

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