808 State Show, Sunset 102 FM, 15th June 1993
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
The Groove Corporation - Your Eyes [Six6]
[05:10] ? inst with flute
Corporation 2 - Jay Blow [PLM Records]
Eastern Bloc Top 10:
The Goodmen - Give It Up [10]
Nevins - The Groove (Everybody Shake) [Tribal] [9] "everybody shake your body, wow" female
SAS - Amber Groove (Toxic Hijack Mix) [8]
M.A.N.I.C. - Gotta Get Loose [7]
Mastertraxx - Comin To Ya [6] "get down get down, you hear the sound its all coming to ya" (bambaataa) acidy
108 Grand - Tonight [5]
Shinehead - Let 'Em In (Phenomenum Nine) [4]
[39:10] Deep Fry? [3] bassy
Fluke - Electric Guitar [2]
Nobody - Heaven [Pegasus] [1] "she gave me heaven"
808 State - 10 X 10 (Black Eye Mix)
Art of Trance - Deeper Than Deep (Poltergeist Remix) [Platipus]
Miro - Pure Silk [Effective]
Poltergeist - Vicious Circles [Platipus]
Those Guys - Good Vibrations (Having Fun) (Paradox Mix)
Saffron - Fluffy Toy [WEA] "ill make you love, fall in love" female whisper
Quench - Feel My Love
Mother - All Funked Up
Mother - All Funked Up
Turtable Orchestra - Your Gonna Miss Me When Im Gone
Terrence Parker - Hold On [Trance Fusion] "hold on, dont let go" gospel singing/piano


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