Bio - A Brief History

Originally launched in 1998 as on Dreamwater, the website was initially started as a place to sell and trade vinyl records. Pre Paypal & Discogs these were primitive times, internet access was through dial-up modems, and payments were made through cheque or postal order.

As a side project, the website included a page with DJ Sasha tracklistings, which helped to figure out the many mislabelled mixes online.

Over time the website evolved, and started to focus more on the tracklistings, which became a huge group effort with an honours list far too long to fully remember, Also thanks to the numerous DJs who contributed to compiling their tracklists. 

In 2010 the website was redesigned with a new layout and added features, making it easier to navigate and use. The website now includes a search function, allowing users to search for a specific track.

In 2015, the website changed its name to to better reflect its focus on tracklistings.

With regular updates and an extensive collection of tracklists, it's become a go-to resource for DJs and music enthusiasts alike.



 The tracklists wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the hard work put in by --
al rewind (alan) oldskooldazed / stelladry (paul) / king coe (ian) / nathan / noel / konspiracy (neil) NK / shoomster / biskit (chris) / pluto (mick) grover / silocybe / Presuming ed (Ed), ben & steve from Australia / scott crawley / conor / jon / jules / bunkerheadz (eric) / shamanixx (phil) / serfos / nebkins / dara / gareth sheane / qpchan / dodgymix (rob) sasharocks2001 / chunky / spaceface (stu) / henryvilla / chinatownswhite (jonny) / k00lworld / mattg / Graham / Zippi / Gaz Lomas / the legendary wigan goon squad for the vertigo mixes / all the ID'ers at tuneID (the best id site on the net) Old Skool Tune ID (the best ID site on facebook) & oldskool anthemz & anthems & back2bowlers & lovelegends & discogs & global underground & oakenfoldmixes.thanks to everybody that's sent in tracklistings & IDs...
sorry if ive missed your name out, let me know and ill gladly add it if you've helped ...

If you do copy any of the tracklistings onto your own website
please remember to list the people above who have put in the hard work to compile them. its only polite

still online, BIG respect to - Sasha tracklistings 1989 - 1992 V.01 (posted 30th April 2003)

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