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  Goldie Lookin Chain (GLC) Discography

These albums were previously only available from a single record store in Newport for a limited period of time

all were recorded & self released before the band were signed

& this is where a lot of their new material is coming from, (eg: tracks on the b-side of last 2 releases & on their forthcoming best of album) 

cd cover

Don't Blame the chain (2001)
1 Welcome
2 No Joke
3 Eggies In The House
4 GLC Will Bang In Your Face
5 Tell The GLC
6 RnB To The GLC
7 Nine Carat Habit
8 Eggie I got No Money
9 GLC Leasure Wear
10 Time To Make A Change


cd cover

Chain's Addiction (2001)
1 The Return
2 GLC parental warning (with Ice T)
4 Too Sick
5 The Names
6 Thru Time & Space
7 On The radio
8 Wrecked
9 Holiday
10 Makin Money


cd cover

Volume III - Return of the Red Eye (2002)
1 We Are Back
2 You Knows It
3 Superhero
4 Taxi (enter the dragon)
5 Just Chillin
6 Homeboys
7 Worms
8 Draw


cd cover

The Party Album (2002)
1 The Fikk Brothers (live)
2 Draw Club
3 I Want My GLC
4 Mike Balls Un-official Football Anthem
5 Roller Disco
6 Monkey Love
7 Silver Shadow
8 Eggies Lament
9 DVS (Duffryn Vigilantie Squad)
10 Sexy Ladies
11 Shit Yourself
12 Prof Doppelganger
13 Metal


cd cover

Adam Hussains Truth or Slander (2002)
1 Intro
2 Nan Jam (feat adams nan)
3 Chain Gang
4 21 Ounces
5 To All The People
6 Dog Porn
7 New & Improved
8 Number One
9 Delivery Driver
10 Half Man Half Machine


cd cover

The Manifesto (2003)
1 The Manifesto
2 Self Suicide
3 Shit To Me
4 The Alchemist
5 Billy Webbs Lament
6 My DJ
7 Cheap Teeth
8 The Maggot
9 Safe Beats
10 Soapbar
11 Raverend Love Tug
12 Shotgun
13 You Know I Loves You
14 Maggots Stand Up
15 Your Mothers Got A Penis


cd cover

Proober Glombat meets the glc in newport town centre
aka the shopmobility stars on 45 disk

69min Megamix of GLC classics

cd cover

Live at Clwb Ifor (in Cardiff) 18-09-03 (43min)

1 Michael Jackson sampled intro
2 The Manifesto
3 Roller Disco
4 Self Suicide
5 DVS (Duffryn Vigilantie Squad)
6 Shit To Me
7 21 Ounces
8 GLC Leasure Wear
9 The Alcamist
10 The Maggot
11 Half Man Half Machine
12 Silver Shadow
13 You Know I Loves You
14 Your Mothers Go A Penis

Radio1 Live set and interview 2004

1 Half Man Half Machine
2 Your Mother's Got A Penis


Radio1 Live set and interview 18-8-2004

1 Guns Dont Kill People Rappers Do
2 No Joke
3 Taxi (enter the dragon)


21 Ounces
1 21 Ounces
2 Delivery Driver
3 Draw Club
4 GLC Leisure Wear
5 Half man Half Machine
6 GLC Parental Warning (with Ice T )
7 Monkey Love
8 Professor Doopelganger
9 Shit Yourself
10 Taxi (enter the dragon)
11 Thru Space & Time


cd cover

GLC (the best of) album sampler
1 The Manifesto
2 Guns Don't Kill People Rappers Do
3 Roller Disco
4 Soap Bar
5 Half Man Half Machine
6 Your Mother's Got A Penis
7 You Knows I Love You

GLC Greatest Hits
The Manifesto
Self Suicide
Guns Don't Kill People Rappers Do
Half Man Half Machine
Roller Disco
Soap Bar
Billy Webbs Lament
Your Mother's Got A Penis
The Maggot
You Knows I Love You
Leeroy Fashions Lament
21 Ounces 


Pxain and scratchmaster hostyle - 4 turntables, 10 fags, 1 bong and Half an Ounce of Soap Bar


Pxain and scratchmaster hostyle - That Draw I got off you was Under


The Official Goldie Lookin Chain Website:- http://www.youknowsit.co.uk/

 there used to be a page on the GLC website where you could listen to their tracks, but they have now taken the link to that page off their site

luckily i bookmarked the page before they deleted the link


you can listen to a lot of their early stuff here



GLC - 12" Single 2002
A1 Roller Disco (Remix)
A2 Mike Balls Unofficial Soccer Anthem
B1 Nan Jam
B2 Monkey Love
B3 Shit Yourself


GLC - Promo 12" Single (2000 copies only)
Half Man Half Machine
Half Man Half Machine (Clean)
Half Man Half Machine (Instrumental)
Self Suicide
Self Suicide (Clean)
Self Suicide (Instrumental)


GLC - 12" Single 2004
A1 Half Man Half Machine
A2 Half Man Half Machine (Clean)
A3 Half Man Half Machine (Instrumental)
B1 Self Suicide
B2 Self Suicide (Clean)
B3 Self Suicide (Instrumental)


GLC - CD Single 2004
Half Man Half Machine
Self Suicide
Half Man Half Machine (clean version)


 GLC - Promo 12" Single 2004
Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do (clean)
Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do (dirty)
Soap Bar
Maggot Stand Up 


GLC - 12" Single 2004
A Guns Dont Kill People, Rappers Do (3:35)
B1 Soap Bar (3:35)
B2 Scratches (0:28)

GLC - DVD Single 2004
1. Guns don't kill people, rappers do (Audio)
2. Maggot stand up (Audio)
3. Guns don't kill people, rappers do (Video)
4. The producer pissed our cash up the wall (Video)





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