Chris Baker & S/Cape + MC Irie @ Zone, Jenks Bar, Blackpool
1. Mars Plastic - Find A Way
2. S-cape - Touch And Go (Live PA)
3. S-cape - In Control (Live PA) "i got it got it" whitney houston vocals
4. S-cape - Vibe Ov The House (Live PA) "deep into the vibe of the house"
5. Staxx - Joy
6. DJ H feat Stefy - We Love It "just do it" male
7. Taste Experience - Free "cant you feel it" male
8. Planet Inc - Goin On "party going on" male/piano
9. Karlo D & D Stress - Hallelujah (bells)
10. Merto - Ready On The Night
11. Dynamic Express - Next Train
12. Problem House 2 - Party People
13. DJ Molella - Revolution (rmx) "youve got to leave me, i want a revolution"
14. Inner Planet - Good Love "bass from the speakers, get hype"
1. Spacemaster - I Need U
2. Gyr8 - Get Ready "i feel it, i just wanna hear a good beat"
3. Rhythm On The Loose - Rhythmology (rmx)
4. Infretta - Something About The Music "theres something about the rhythm, i can feel it all over me" male
5. Kristal - No Longer "ooh ooh love you" female
6. Clubhouse - Light My Fire (track that boyzone danced to)
7. Clubhouse - Take Your Time
8. Stella Haze - Believe In You "feel my heartrate, believe in yourself"
9. Dakeyne - B-Funked (inst piano)
10. Suzetta Chales - Free To Love Again "free to, you better come" female
11. Faretta - Music Was My First Love (rmx)
12. S-cape - In Control "this special groove" female
13. Bass Rate - Rhythm Nation "dont live your life on the run" (riff sounds like felix)
14. Moby - Feel It "next is the e"
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