DJ Welly - Here Comes The Slam (1990)
1. (intro) "how can you stand it" female
2. Westworld - The Slam (Total Remix)
3. Jamie Principle - Date With The Rain (Hurleys Dub Mix)
4. Fatman feat Stella Mae - Release Me (From The Pain) (Steve Anderson Remix)
5. Cappella - Everybody Listen To It (The Paradise Mix)
6. The Anghelus Project - Come On (Original Version) "let the whole world know, were on the move" female/piano
7. Olimpia - You Want My Love [Citizen Kane Records]
8. C & C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (House Dub/Bonus Beats Mix)
9. Hi Liner - Loving You (Re-Remix) "Oh ho, na na na n nana na"
10. Playtime Toons - Shaker Song
11. Westworld - Fantasize
12. Rhythim Is Rhythim - The Dance
13. Ester B - The Pleasure Of The Music
14. Dream Frequency - Satisfaction

15. The Break Boys - My House Is Your House "let the bass kick"
16. Dr. Baker - Kaos
17. Mark Summers - Party Children (Remix)
18. DJ Fopp - What Youre Gonna Do (Lowering Version) [Inside] female/piano "baby i love"
19. Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation
20. DJ H feat Stefy - Think About
21. Ellis In Wonderland - Good Beat (Time To Get Right) "now is the time for me to get right" samples deee-lite
22. Expose - Tell Me Why
23. Richie Rich feat Ralphi Rosario - You Used To Salsa
24. Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm (Ambient Version)
25. Sterling Void - It's All Right (Acapella)
26. A.S.H.A. - J.J. Tribute (Primitive Version)
27. K.C. Element - Going On [Italian Style] "whats going on"
28. Kym Mazelle - Was That All It Was (Def Mix)

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