Dave Seaman @ Cream, Liverpool Vol.2 (Autumn 94)
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Deep Dish Presents Quench - After Hours [Tribal] strings intro/angelic female "la la la"
2. ??? "feel alone" repeated male
3. Luna Project - I Wanna Be Free
4. ??? echo vocals/organ riff
5. ??? sax/organ riff
6. Karen Pollack - You Cant Hurt Me (You Cant Touch Me) "ive been around"
7. Willie Ninja - Hot (Murk Mix) [MCA] "what you gonna do, do you feel it, for you" male
8. Sade - Pearls
9. System 7 - Sirenes (Marshall Jefferson Mix) [Butterfly Records]
10. ??? "it goes boom boom boom" vocal sample from juliet roberts
11. Coco Steel And Lovebomb - Summer Rain "rain feels good in the summer, like this"
12. ??? "I can feel, theres a groove thats got me moovin" male
13. ??? foreign female/horns/whistles
14. Nicole - Running Away (E-Smooth Mix) "you keep me running, run away" female
15. ??? "come on, come on, yeah" male
16. Donald O - I Got Love In My Heart (Club Vocal Mix) "ive got love on my mind" male

original tape cover

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