DJ Sasha @ Chuff Chuff Winter Court, Nottingham 22/11/92
1. A.S.H.A. - JJ Tribute
2. Stereo MC's - Step It Up (Stereo Field Instrumental Dub)
3. The Oval Five Project - Vertigo (doi-oing vs spooky thumper mix) "Hu Hu Hey"
4. Glam - Hells Party "if you hear me now, were all gonna go"
5. Soundsource - One High (Bump Mix) [Om Records] "higher, get me high"
6. Sublime - Sublime (Dub) "kickin in the beat"
7. La Tour - Blue (Hermes Trance Mix) "obsessional rhythm"
8. Metropolis - Hyporeel (F.S.O.L.) piano riff off nikita warren

9. Ancient - Nostalgia [Om Records] piano
10. Bassheads - Who Can Make You Feel Good (Manchester Underground Balearic Mix)
11. Paradise Organisation - Prayer Tower "everybody give it all of that clap" (guitar riff)
12. Semi Real - People Living Today (Med Mix)
13. Glowworm - I Lift My Cup
14. D.J. Equalizer - I Got The Rhythm (Remix) "I got the rhythm, you got the rhythm" funky guitar "work that body, move that body"
15. Jaco - Show Some Love (Dub)
16. Inner City - Till We Meet Again (Mings Mighty Dub)
17. Remake vs Inner City - Bladerunner - Til We Meet Again (Brothers In Rhythm Perkappella)

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