DJ Sasha World Tour, July(ish) 94
Skin Up Jo Production
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
"dont be afraid, come here" atmospheric intro
1. Yekuana - Thousand Rains [Fabric Of Life] inst panflutes
2. Histerya - Love Nature (Joy & Kaya Remix) "show me all your loving yeah"
3. Tenth Chapter - Prologue (Atlas 1st Addition Mix) inst / timpani drums
4. Night Communication - Tribe Trip (XL Mix) [Heartbeat]
5. Pizzaman - Trippin On Sunshine (California Sunshine Mix)
6. [31:00] ??? acidy / inst (familiar) (also on Hac 12th)
7. 108 Grand - Love You All Over (Coconut Baby Oil Experience) male
8. Quivver - Twist & Shout
1. Needle - I.J.O. (Synergy Mix) [Calypso] "happy oh, get on it" african chanting
2. [06:20] ??? "come on"
3. Boomshanka - Take My Love [Cowboy] "in my love, in my, take my love" female/piano
4. Fanny Cadeo - Pecame (Mr Marvin Mix) "hey baby, dont stop love"
5. Sounds Of Blackness - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (Unreleased Sasha Remix)
6. Royal T - Coming Back For More (JX Pumping Mix) [Almighty]
7. [34:00] ??? "come" harp at breakdown
8. Daft Punk - Alive
9. B.O.D. - No More Mindgames "its a dream" male

comment: seen this going around labelled as - Sasha @ Orlando Florida July 94, & The Authorized Collection 94, & Sasha World Tour In France July 94. if you want to hear clips of the unknown tracks, download the zip folder [here]  
original tape cover

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