Paul Oakenfold @ Chuff Chuff  'Winter Court' Nottingham 22-11-92
1. TC 1992 - Funky Guitar (Lion Rock Inna Milanese Stylee)
2. Double FM - The Sound Of Amnesia (Te Quiero Version)
3. UBQ Project feat Kathy Summers - When I Fell N Luv (Luv & Lust Mix) "when i fall in love" female
4. The Aloof - Purity (Oh Dear Mix)
5. Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm (Sure Is Pure Remix)
6. Lionrock - Lionrock (Roots And Culture)
7. Infra-Red - When Luv's The Feeling (Remix)
8. Petra & Co. - Just Let Go (Dub Mix)
9. Bizarre Inc - Im Gonna Get You (Tee's Urban Dance Mix) jus come riff
10. P.W.M. - Get Yourself Together (Instrumental)
11. Metropolis - Hyporeel
12. K.X.P. feat Ceybil Jefferies - Aint No Mountain High Enough (D.O.P. Vocal Club)
13. Sound Factory - Understand This Groove (Xtatic Mix)
14. Bass Bumpers - The Musics Got Me (Charismatic Mix) the musics got me spinning around & around (has male rap)
15. U.S.U.R.A. - Open Your Mind (Classic Mix)
16. Electroset - How Does It Feel? (Theme From Techno Blues) (The Gypsy Remix)
17. Mad Mike - Heartbeat Of A Groove "now tease me"

17. Mad Mike - Heartbeat Of A Groove "now tease me" (cont)
18. Age Of Love - The Age Of Love (Boeing Mix)
19. Transform - Transformation (Club Mix) [Rising High Collective]
20. Gary Clail & On-U Sound System - Who Pays The Piper? (Trance Mix)
21. Rio Rhythm Band - Zoom Soft (Inspiration Dub)
22. Transformer 2 - Pacific Symphony (Original Mix)
23. Ramirez & Pizarro - Hablando (Acordeon Mix)
24. Limited Edition - The Light
25. DJ Professor - Runner (Extended Mix) (very briefly)
Gordon Kaye
26. Ice-T - New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme) (Stress Mix)
27. Espiritu - Conquistador (Sabres Of Paradise #2 Mix)
28. Mojo Risin - Dances With Fire (Chief Mojo's Club Mix) [Skunk] stuttery male vocals
29. DJ Hell - My Definition Of House Music (Resistance D Remix)

comment: last four track are on the start of Gordon Kaye's set from the same night.


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