Kelvin Andrews (Sure is Pure) classic mix 1994
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
1. Orbital - Impact (The Earth Is Burning)
2. Dave Stewart - Heart Of Stone (Sure Breakdown Dub)
3. That Kid Chris - Big Time (Carlitos Dream) "you think your big time"
4. ??? "you got to be good" female / bongos
5. Move Inc. - Partners (Vive La Trance ep)
6. Sure is Pure - Discos Dare (Out To Lunch ep)
7. Johnny Vicious Frozen Bass - The Swing (US Vicious Muzik) "do it to the music, wind to the music, you got to get down" female
8. ??? "its the joint" scratching cut up
9. ??? "this is a shout going out" male
10. Dave Stewart - Heart Of Stone (Sure Dub)
11. Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Starting Something (Remix)
12. South Street Players - Who Keeps Changing Your Mind (Remix)
13. Subliminal Cuts - Le Voie Le Soleil
14. Diana Ross - Upside Down (Remix)
15. WestBam - Alarm Clock
16. ??? "jump jump a little higher, here comes the sun"
17. Gerideau - Take A Stand For Love

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