Judge Jules @ Progress, Derby, early 95
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. Rosedub - Turn The Volume High (Ralphi's Grungy House Dub)
2. Swing 52 - Color Of My Skin (Swing To The 2nd Color) "this is your wake up call"
3. Hysterix - Everything (Bottom Dollar Mix) [Deconstruction] "everything that i live for" female/piano
4. Londonbeat - Come Back (Deep Dub Mix)
5. H2O feat Billie - Satisfied (Take Me Higher) "baby take me higher" female
6. Lovestation - Love Come Rescue Me
7. [29:00] "in my soul, out of control baby, come on now" female
8. [33:30] ? think its Tokyo Ghetto Pussy - Everybody On The Floor (Luvdup or Sure Is Pure Mix)
9. Deadly Sins - We Are Going On Down
10. Colour System Inc - Funky Guitar (Heavy As You Like Mix)
11. [47:10] ? samba/male scat
12. The Real Deal feat Annette Taylor - Dont You Wanna Be Mine
13. [55:30] ? funky breaks "let your body freak come on"
14. EMF - Perfect Day (Chris & James Epic Adventure) trumpet from baby june "its a perfect day"
15. DJ Icey - Tricks Theme [Zone Records] samples sabrina johnston - i wanna sing
16. Grace - Not Over Yet (Dancing Divaz Club Mix)



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