Ripe @ Mansfield (Pack 3) March 95 - Gordon Kaye
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. [00:00] ? "got me burning up, we get down" loleatta
2. Blondie - Rapture (Pharmacy Dub) [Chrysalis] "djs spinning I said my my" blondie sample
3. Swing 52 - Color Of My Skin (Swing To The Second Color)
4. Fire Island - If You Should Need A Friend [JBO] "if you should need a friend, i will be your friend" male
5. Anthony White - Love Me Tonight (LuvDup Remix)
6. The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind)
7. Sagat - Luvstuff (Ghetto House Dub) [FFRR]
8. Shades Of Love - Keep In Touch (Body To Body) "all over my body"
9. Kamasutra - Kamasutra Express
10. Jestofunk feat Ce Ce Rogers - Can We Live (Roach Motel Dub)
11. Happy Clappers - I Believe
12. Judy Cheeks - Respect (Bottom Dollar Dub Mix)
13. That Kid Chris - Big Time (Carlito's Way) [Gettin Lifted]
14. Black Shells - The Anthem [Azuli] "dont make me wait" Goodmen beat/piano
15. Greed - Pump Up The Volume (Original DMC Mix)

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