Boxed 95: Tom Wainwright (Single Tape)
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1. Digi-Soul - Lift Me Up (Digi-Soul's Lift Mix) "lift me up in the morning/night" (female/piano)
2. Happy Clappers - I Believe (12" Master)
3. Hard Pressed Productions - Let My Loving (Set You Free!) "let my loving set you free" (female)
4. ??? I cant help myself, come on baby, I need you (female/disco cutup)
5. The Mack Vibe Feat Jacqueline - Mr Meaner
6. ??? danger love when it comes to danger love, do what you gotta do (male)
7. Pamela Fernandez - Lets Start Over
8. Alysha Warren - I Pray (Rogers Gospel Revival Mix)

8. Alysha Warren - I Pray (Rogers Gospel Revival Mix) (cont)
9. ??? keep it burning, dont you want keep the party burning (loleatta holloway vocals)
10. Solitaire Gee - Slumberland (remix?)
11. Stella Getz - Dr Love (Development Corporation Hard Love Dub) "i can knock you down" stuttery female/broken beats
12. Kim English - Time For Love "its its its time for love" female/piano/sax
13. Sounds of Blackness - The Harder They Are "the bigger they falll, you aint that tough no" (female/piano)
14. Donna Allen - Real (Def House Mix) "its got to be real"
15. Judy Cheeks - Respect (Mix?) (Briefly)
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