Boxed 95: Derrick Carter & Murk
Recorded @ Back to Basics, Leeds
The University of House
e-mail me if you can identify any of the unknown tracks
* Derrick Carter *
1. ??? inst / stickman records
2. Giant Wheel - Retrash [Strictly Rhythm]
3. Sven Vath - Harlequin - The Beauty And The Beast (Murk Boys Mix) "funk funk funk"
4. DJ Sneak - Different Shapes and Sizes (Da Original Dub)
5. ??? "lets all work it out" female / funky bassline
6. Barbara Tucker - Stay Together (G Funk Mix) "i can feel your loving strong, gotta keep your loving strong" female
7. Heaven & Earth - Prescription Every Night "ill give you what you want/need, close your eyes and you can go, searching every night" female
8. Soho - Hot Music (house mix) "hot hot, music music" jazzy loop
9. ??? "oh ah" female
10. The BlueBoy - Sandman 
11. Green Velvet - The Stalker (Im Losing My Mind)
12. ??? male [inaudible]
13. Green Velvet - Flash

* Murk (Ralf Falcon & Oscar G) *
1. ??? "get up, and call me baby, the calm within" female
2. Roy Davis Jr - Hi Density [Power Music Records]
3. Roman IV - Altes Testament [Playhouse] acidy/deep
4. ??? "do what you like" vocal sample from Class Action - Weekend
5. ??? acidy [inaudible]
6. L'Homme Van Renn - The (Real) Love Thang
7. Oscar G - Reaching Up [Tribal] "gotta keep on taking it higher, keep on taking it highter, keep on reachin up, gotta keep on reaching high" male
8. 280 West Featuring Diamond Temple - Lift Him Up (Mark's Ol' Skoo Mix) "im gonna lift it up, lift you higher, to the highest mountain" female
9. ??? "music takes me, i can feel it in my bones" female/organ (possibly part of above)
10. George Krantz - Din Daa Daa (sample/remix?)
11. Funky Green Dogs - Fired Up!
12. ??? "gotta keep on moving, feeling strong" male

 original tape cover

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