Boxed 95: CJ Mackintosh & Allister Whitehead
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* CJ Mackintosh *
1. Urban Discharge feat She - Wanna Drop A House (On That Bitch) (Smack Vocal)
2. YoJo Working - I Believed In You "yes I believed in your love" (female/piano)
3. ??? "my work shoes on, break our love, put it back my love" (female/piano)
4. H2O - Livin' For The Future "my people living for the future"
5. ??? "buy dope and sell a little dope" male
6. ??? "dum da dum" male scat
7. Jasper Street Company - A Feeling (Paradox Instrumental) with Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (accapella)
8. ??? "everybody needs somebody cos party, dance a little groove" (female/piano)
9. For Real - You Dont Know Nothin'
10. Urban Blues Project - Deliver Me (Urban Blues Project Vocal Mix) "take me up, lift me up" male
11. Barbara Tucker - Stay Together (Original Vocal Mix) "lets stay together forever & ever" (female)
12. Judy Cheeks - As Long As Your Good To Me "I aint going nowhere" (female)

* Allister Whitehead *
1. Toshi Kubota - Funk It Up (Morales Club Of Funk Mix) "hey yeah dont fight the feeling baby, funk funk, get the vibe" (female/piano)
2. Labelle - Turn It Out (The Bomb Mix) (Frankie Knuckles Remix) "you got to turn it out, you got to work it out" (female/piano)
3. Soul II Soul - Care
4. Gladys Knight - Next Time (Spike Remix) "next time, no next time aint the one to wait for" (female/organ/piano)
5. Sweet Mercy & Joe Roberts - Happy Days "oh lord happy days, i want you (male/piano)
6. R.I.P. Productions - Pick Me Up "picks me up, get into the music" (female)
7. Angelheart - Come Back To Me "tonight baby, come back to me baby" (female/piano)
8. Maria Christensen - My Love Is Alive (Chantz 2 Trance House Mix) "my heart is on fire" (female)

9. Maria Christensen - My Love Is Alive (Chantz 2 Trance House Mix) "my soul is like a wheel that turns" (female) cont
10. Shauna Davis - Get Away "getaway, I got to getaway from all the trouble that comes my way"
11. ??? "down, deep down" (female)
12. The Salsoul Crew - Salsoul Mega Mix / Firebird "oh baby hold me down, cos I dont want to be free" (female)
13. Mariah Carey - Fantasy (Def Club Mix)
14. ??? "im feeling better, im where I want to be" (female/piano)
15. Pandella - This Time Baby (female/piano)
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