Jon Pleased Wimmin @ Miss Moneypennys 95
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. The Shaker - Snog [Ugly Bug] "come on come on" male
2. Fade - All I Got (Pete Bones 'Shaker' Mix) [Foreign Policy] "oh yeah, givin it all ive got" repeated female
3. Joy For Life - Warm It Up (Mainstreet Mix) "the whole worlds upside down"
4. Elevatorman - Fired Up [Wired] "looking for a reason take my chances just cant give it up, wont give it up for nothing" female
5. Afrika Bambaataa - Just Get Up And Dance (mix?)
6. [27:30] ? beat
7. Doug Lazy - Rollin' On (SPS Dub Lazy Mix) "house house groove, keep going" doug lazy vocal samples / piano
8. Dave Stewart - Secret (SPS Mad Club Mix) female whisper/timpani
9. Bump - Im Rushing (mix?)
10. Moonchild - VOAT
11. Candy Girls - Fee Fi Fo Fum (Sharp Dub)
12. Todd Terry - Jungle Hot (Drum Drum Mix) "hot hot" female TUNE!
13. Club America - Club America "the choice is yours" male
14. Eurogroove - Its On You (Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin Club Mix) "what would you like to do to me, oh yeah" female "come on baby" male / piano
15. Space - Magic Fly (think its 95 Club Mix) sounds like something off Bladerunner
16. Intermezzo : The El Cid March (1961) fanfare
17. Prince - 1999

comment: similar to - Dreamscape 20 (9-9-95)

& Boxed 95 : Jon Pleased Wimmin Recorded @ Back to Basics, Leeds (Large Salad)

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