Jon Pleased Wimmin @ Gatecrasher, late 1995
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown track
1. Crescendo - Are You Out There (Alternative Mix)
2. think its - Balouga Boys - Hip Hop [Stress] "bass is rockin, breakdown, im rushin"
3. The Antic - The Ultimate
4. Faithless - Insomnia
5. Man With No Name - Paint A Picture [Perfecto]
6. Exodus To Paradise - Rock-It [Pumpin Vinyl] "I feel the friction on my feet, my adrenalins flowing, my level will reach the top" female / piano
7. Hed Boys - Girls + Boys (mix?)
8. The Solid Collective - Can You Feel It (Original BB Mix) "youve got to get down female/organ
9. Jimi Polo - Better Days (Sashas DMC Remix)
10. Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Rollo & Sister Bliss Mix) [Arista]
11. [55:30] ? inst

original tape cover

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