Graeme Park - Fetish On Tap, early 94 (61min)
e-mail me if you can identify the unknown tracks
1. Michael Watford - So Into You (mix?)
2. Cardiac Swing - D Yer Maker (West End D' Rhythm Mix) "but i still love you baby & i cant let you go" female/piano
3. Level 42 - All Over You (Pharmacy Dub) "im over you" or "i love you" male / horns
4. Bump - House Stompin (mix?)
5. Joe Roberts - Lover (Pharmacy Club Mix)
6. Joe Roberts - Lover (K-Klass Klub Mix)
7. The Brand New Heavies - Dream On Dreamer (mix?) briefly

8. Juliet Roberts - I Want You (K-Klass mix?) salsa
9. Interceptor - Together (Roger S Hard Dub) [Tribal]
10. The Mighty Dub Katz - DJ Delight "cope cos ive learned to cope" repeated acappella
11. [40:10] ? "i make a move, feel the rhythm of the drum & bass" male/piano
12. [44:00] ? "today and tomorrow" soft female
13. Pascals Bongo Massive - Pere Cochon "where you goin, aint it got no melody"
14. River Ocean feat India - Love & Happiness [Cooltempo] percussive/female scat

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